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Best Cigar Lighter

While you could technically light a cigar with any old lighter you buy at the gas station, it’s not very classy—or efficient. The best cigar lighters are more stylish by far in looks than their basic lighter counterparts, but they’re also purpose-designed to light cigars in a way that is specifically tailored to complement the unique way in which cigars are constructed.

Things to know about the best cigar lighters

Flame power

Torch lighters will always have more flame power than soft flame lighters. The power of the flame can depend on the setting and, if there is more than one jet, how many jets there are. Small to medium ring-gauge cigars may only require one or two jets and don’t need a huge flame to properly toast. That said, even large ring-gauge cigars should never be over-roasted, so even in those cases, opting for three over four when possible will likely serve you best.

Flame adjustment

Generally, torch lighters have an obvious flame adjustment, typically a wheel or a screw, with wheels by far being more common on newer lighters; tweaking the adjustment wheel will make the flame larger or smaller according to the direction you go. Some cigars now feature adjustment mechanisms that are simpler and overall easier to achieve ideal flame size than with previous iterations. As a related side note, remember that there is a sweet spot in flame size and you want to toast your cigar—not char it. That’s like throwing away money and dignity all in one go.

Torch lighters

Torch lighters are the standard, best cigar lighters, because they have a powerful and durable flame that evenly lights a nice, big cigar. They may have anywhere from one jet of flame to five jets of flame. Number of jets should correspond to the ring-gauge of your cigar. If you smoke smaller gauge cigars, you will have no need for a four or five best cigar torch lighter, however snazzy they may look.


Cigar lighters are a very straightforward piece of equipment, despite their masculine and elegant appearance. Much like a standard lighter, the spark wheel strikes a stone to produce the flame. Inside the best cigar lighter body is the nozzle and the fuel source. A flame adjusting wheel or screw (rarer than a wheel) will also be present. Functionally, a cigar lighter is very easy to use and produces a strong, long-lasting flame that’s perfect for toasting and lighting any cigar. Always remember that a little bit of heat goes a long way, so don’t ruin a good cigar by sticking the entire foot straight into a large jet of flame.


High-quality butane is the ideal fuel source for cigars. It burns super clean, which means the flavor profile of your expensive cigar won’t suffer. Additionally, butane can be filtered multiple times to produce even higher-quality torch lighter fuel.

Fluid meter

Many modern cigar lighters now feature fluid meters that allow you to easily see when your fuel is getting low. This is not only handy, it gives you a heads up so you have time to source your preferred premium fuel if your local cigar shop doesn’t carry it.

Soft flame lighters vs torch lighters

Soft flame lighters are the most common readily available lighter. Quite likely the only lighter type you’ve ever used in your life. If you’ve only recently taken up cigar smoking. Soft flame lighters like Bic are everywhere and they work great for lighting cigarettes. They’re not ideal best lighters for cigars for a few reasons.

Firstly, soft flame lighters are called such because they have a soft, candlelike flame that easily wafts in the breeze. It’s usually small like a candleflame too. Most cigars, unless they are very small ring-gauge, will have a surface area at the foot that is much broader than a cigarette. Therefore, using a soft flame lighter takes some time to light, or toast, a 52-ring gauge, for instance. And if it’s windy outside? You can pretty much forget about it.

Soft flame lighters

Of course, some people simply prefer soft flames, even when it comes to lighting their cigars. Ladies and gentlemen of this ilk tend to prefer Zippos and other choices of the best refillable lighters. They handle better in wind, and many newer models burn a lot cleaner than their predecessors.

By and large, most regular cigar smokers or dedicated hobbyists prefer torch lighters to soft flame lighters. The best torch lighter tends to burn cleaner, so they don’t affect the way the cigar tastes, as some varieties of the best lighters may. Additionally, torch lighters get their name because they have a powerful, torch-like flame that’s able to withstand a good breeze while you toast your cigar. But for many, the big draw of torch lighters is the fact that they can have more than one jet—you may even see some with four jets. These extra jets allow you to quickly and evenly toast and light your large-gauge cigar with precision and style. Check out the best cigar lighter reviews below.

Cigar Lighters Over $100

Corona Old Boy Gold Plate with Sandblast Briar Wood Pipe Lighter

Featuring a flit ignition, the Corona Old Boy is a classic that has been around a long time. The new Old Boys feature upgraded silicon seals, as opposed to outdated rubber, as well as other modern internal components that balance classic Old Boy quality with modern innovation. The finish is sandblasted briarwood with sophisticated gold plating.

Since the Old Boy is designed to light pipes and cigarettes as well as cigars, it features a 90-degree angled flame; many cigar smokers who enjoy other forms of tobacco appreciate this multifunctionality.

You can a can of high-grade butane with purchase, as well as a pipe tool for pipe maintenance. The former is great for cigar smokers (whether exclusive or not), while the pipe tool is, quite obviously, a nice addition for the smoker who enjoys tobacco smoke in all forms. Corona is also one of the better brands on the market as well.

S.T. Dupont MaxiJet Cigar Lighters (Glossy Black)

The MaxiJet’s sleek design make it a must-have cigar accessory for the modern man who views cigar smoking as a present-day hobby and not a pastime of yore. It’s lightweight and feels great in hand, thanks to its ergonomic design, which also makes it easy to light.

The torch flame itself is quite powerful, from which the MaxiJet derives its name. Robust and truly cigar-worthy, the MaxiJet’s flame can evenly light a cigar even on the windiest of days. Its efficiency is capped off and highlighted by its easy to read fuel indicator, which lets you know when you’re going to need more butane out of this best butane lighter.

Vector Tri-Pump Table Lighter, Nickle Satin

As the name suggests, the Vector Tri-Pump Table Lighter is a tabletop cigar lighter that features three jet torches. Attractive and available in a variety of finishes, including Nickle Satin, the Vector Tri-Pump is a statement-making centerpiece for any home or office. The aesthetic is old-fashioned meets modern industrial, so it’s bound to blend into any décor and not be objectionable to the ladies of the household. (In fact, they will likely find its style and functionality to be charming and practical.)

The ignition is thumb-operated and the four-finger grip handle makes operation smooth and easy. Another big design pro in its favor is the extra-large butane tank capacity, which means you won’t have to worry about refilling very often.

Good for up to an altitude of 12,000 feet, this is one of the best lighter choices for those living at higher elevations. Those who sometimes have limited lighter options. Meanwhile, the three jets are ideal for those who enjoy a good large ring-gauge cigar.

XIKAR Volta Quad Flame Tabletop Cigar Lighter

The XIKAR Volta Quad Flame Tabletop Cigar Lighter is, perhaps, one of the easiest to use cigar lighters out there, period—however, that doesn’t make it any less impressive, because its ease of use is down to ingenuity in design.

The aesthetic is modern and minimal, and will suit most office and home settings due to its suave yet unobtrusive looks. Many of the smart, functional features are hidden in plain sight on the Volta Quad, such as the lid that protects the burners when not in use, which is inspired by the aperture of a camera lens. The ignition is also very discreet. It’s a large pushbutton that lies flush against the lighter body and is so discreet it almost appears to be an aesthetic feature. Likewise, the ratcheted, oversize fuel adjustment wheel is located inconspicuously at the bottom, so you can tailor your desired settings with ease.

There are four jet torches arranged in a square pattern, making it ideal for large ring-gauge cigars. When fuel is low, the red fuel meter goes down, making refuels a snap.

Cigar Lighters Under $100

Lotus L52 Orion Cigar Lighter

The Lotus L52 Orion is encased in an all-metal black body with red strip trim, recalling a classic European racing circuit aesthetic—but with a modern, American twist.

The single action ignition is pushbutton activated to go along with the modern automotive vibe. The dual pinpoint flames provided by the Lotus L52 Orion are precise enough to toast a smaller cigar without engulfing it in flames, yet powerful enough to withstand not only high wind, but also those premium large gauge cigars that even the most prodigious cigar novices have trouble with.

The L52 Orion features easy flame adjustment and a straightforward fuel meter window that lets you know where your fuel stands. Additionally, refueling is quite simple and it easily travels in your pocket for on-the-go cigar smoking.

XIKAR 9657SL Silver Trezo Lighter

The Trezo is a torch lighter with triple jets in a triangular pattern. While on the surface this seems like nothing new, the innovation comes with the two outer jets which are angled inward at 8 degrees. Though this is a tiny adjustment, the resulting effect is massive. Remember, as always, the tip of the torch lighter will be the hottest, so by having the two outer jets angle inward ever so slightly, the result is a heated area that is concentrated in such a way that optimizes heat distribution for cigars that toast well with a triple jet lighter.

Using the Trezo is a simple two-step process. You merely flick open the protective lid that covers the jet burners and pull downward with your thumb on the center single-action trigger. Due to the ease of use and optimized heating area, it can definitely be seen as a great cigar lighter for beginners, though advanced smokers will still appreciate the simplicity.

The flame adjustment wheel is oversized for your convenience as is the fuel gauge, which clearly lets you see when you’re running low.

Black Label Dictator Cigar Lighter

One of the more unique features of the Black Label Dictator Cigar Lighter is its flat flame technology. The flat flame technology is meant to be more wind-resistant than standard torch jets and provide more even cigar toasting.

Flip-lid ignition not only makes the Black Label Dictator easy to use, but also simply cool-looking while in operation; essentially, it’s a portable cigar lighter that’s meant to impress both with its modern looks and slick function, but also with its innovative features.

Cigar aficionados on the go will appreciate the fold-out cigar punch cutter. Even if punch cutting isn’t your favorite way to cut your cigar, the fact that punch cutters are the most convenient when out and about can’t be ignored—especially when they’re integrated into your lighter itself.

Lightweight with an easy-to-carry design and a fuel level window make the Black Label Dictator a very practical cigar lighter.

Tonino Lamborghini Aero Torch Flame Cigar Lighter

The Tonino Lamborghini Aero cigar lighter is what an Italian sportscar would be if it was a cigar lighter. Featuring a polished titanium body with two-toned lacquer finish, the aesthetic is very vintage automotive and bold.

Ignition via a pushbutton makes using the Aero casually easy. When lit, it produces an off-center jet that for many, will lend better ergonomics to the cigar toasting and lighting process.

The Tonino Lamborghini Aero has fuel level window and comes packaged in its own black leather gift box with red trim. Additionally, there is a two-year warranty.

Cigar Lighters Under $30

Zippo Armor Chrome Lighters

Zippo’s Armor Chrome Lighters can’t be beat for those cigar aficionados that love a soft flame—or simply want an all-purpose lighter that plays well with cigarettes, if they smoke those too. Zippo Armor Chrome Lighters are genuinely windproof (as opposed to simply “wind-resistant”), meaning you can expect to be able to use them on the windiest of days, which other soft flames simply can’t match.

The construction is all metal, and the Armor line is 1.5 times thicker than a standard Zippo. S,o you can expect increased ruggedness and durability. Definitely making it more cigar-oriented than the standard models.

There are a variety of finishes available, including the Antique Silver Plate, which has the look of the standard Zippo Antique Silver Plate but is, once again, 1.5 times thicker for improved longevity.

On the note of longevity, any best Zippo lighter comes with a lifetime warranty. If the lighter ever stops working, they’ll fix it at their factory for you—all for free.

Bugatti CEO Black Premium Triple Flame Cigar Lighter

You’ve probably heard the Bugatti name your whole life, but only associated it with sophisticated luxury sports cars. Bugatti is a big name in the world of lighters as well.

The Bugatti CEO is their largest cigar lighter, and naturally features a large fuel tank; however, it’s paradoxically lightweight and meant to travel well as your go-to on the go cigar lighter, as it also features an integrated punch cutter, making it a great all-in-one tool.

The lighter case is ergonomic and feels good in your hand, and the fuel window is nice and clear. A triple jet torch lighter, it’s great for medium to large ring-gauge cigars.

Scorch Torch Triple Jet Flame Lighter

Scorch Torch’s offering has a futuristic sort of vibe, aesthetically, and features an ergonomic design that travels well. This may very well be the best lighter in the world that is under $30.

When activated, the slide switch opens the cap automatically. Revealing the triple torch burners, which are ideal for medium to large ring-gauge cigars. Flame size adjustment is easy, as is filling the butane tank when the time comes.

The textured grip and powerful triple jets make the Scorch Torch formidable in windy conditions, while the integrated punch cutter yields maximum convenience for cigar smokers.

Final thoughts

The best cigar lighter is mostly a matter of preference. Though it’s important to remember that torch lighters will always be easier to use than soft flame lighters. Thanks to having a variety of styles, ignition actions and other benefits. There is an aficionado for every lighter. And the best cigar lighter for your needs is out there and waiting for you to find it.