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Milano Countertop Display by Prestige Import Group

The Milano Countertop Display Humidor by the Prestige Import Group is a small product with some very big features. The Prestige Import Group is the leading supplier and distributor of wholesale bar top and counter top cigar displays. They offer quality cigar humidors and smoking accessories at the best possible ...

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NewAir CC-100, 250 Count Review

The NewAir CC-100 250 Count Humidor is the perfect storage solution for cost-conscious cigar collectors with a modest collection. Since 2002, NewAir, a family owned business, has evolved from a small manufacturing company into one of the United States premier humidor manufacturing companies. Their success can be credited to providing customers with ...

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Mantello 100 Cigar Humidor – Full Review

The Mantello 100 Cigar Humidor built to sit on a desktop is one of the more well built and designed humidors you will find on the market. The glasstop is perfect for showcasing your collection to anyone that passes by. The Maroon wooden exterior brings a clean, classy look. The humidor is ...

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Quality Importers – Capri Glasstop Humidor

Quality Importers – Capri Glasstop Humidor is a great option for securely storing your cigars. Quality Importers being on the top name brands for humidors solidifies this claim. Today we give you the in-depth look at this unit, and why you should probably buy it. With this humidor being a best ...

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Ignis Cigars – Wooden Desktop Humidor

The Ignis Cigars – Wooden Desktop Humidor is a well built box. Perfect for anyone looking for a nice size desktop humidor. More known for their cigar cutters, Ignis Cigars recently released this handy little desktop humidor onto the market. After testing, reading and more testing, we’ve come up with the following ...

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Prestige Import Group – The Redford Cabinet

The Redford Cabinet by Prestige Import Group is a perfect solution for the biggest cigar collectors. Just as addictive as cigar smoking, is cigar collecting. It goes without saying that there is a unique pleasure in smoking cigars, a pleasure that can only come close to being matched by cigar collection. Surely ...

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Mantello Royale Glasstop, 25-50 Cigar Count Review

For every cigar collector, there is a quality humidor at there home, the Mantello Royale Glasstop may be it. Each brand offers a unique aroma, flavour and all round experience. Therefore, curating a collection of multiple brands has become the norm for the cigar connoisseur. This raises not only the ...

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Whynter CHC–251S Cabinet | Full Review

Whynter CHC–251S

For the cigar enthusiast, owning a humidor like the Whynter CHC–251S is essential. Humidors help to keep your prized cigars at an optimum temperature and humidity. Which keeps them from spoiling. In many ways, a quality cigar is a lot like a fine wine. As they’re natural, organic and finely balanced, they’re ...

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