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Ignis Cigars – Wooden Desktop Humidor

The Ignis Cigars – Wooden Desktop Humidor is a well built box. Perfect for anyone looking for a nice size desktop humidor. More known for their cigar cutters, Ignis Cigars recently released this handy little desktop humidor onto the market. After testing, reading and more testing, we’ve come up with the following review.

In-Depth Look At The Design

Ignis Cigars Humidor 4

The humidor is constructed with a solid Pine wood exterior which holds an original Pine stain. For added durability, the box is framed with metal. Allowing for you to get more life out of the unit. While having it withstand any accidental drops.

There are sturdy hinges designed to guarantee a tight seal and prevent leaks, these will also help with humidor’s durability.  The felt lined bottom is great for added traction to prevent it from sliding around.

This product comes with remarkable moisture preservation. Not to mention the aroma that comes from the top-notch, kiln dried Spanish Cedar on the interior of the box. Spanish Cedar is the industry go-to, and the Ignis Cigars Humidor has followed suit. The box can hold up to 30 sticks, more than enough for the average smoker.

Humidity Control, Monitoring & Storage Size

The Spanish cedar inside the Ignis Cigars Humidor helps to control air content and moisture. Keeping the cigars inside of your humidor at their peak.

Additionally, the box holds a hygrometer and humidifier that can be adjusted. Ensuring ideal conditions for cigar storage. The humidor has been pre-calibrated for perfect cigar storage and air condition. Combining the high-quality Spanish Cedar, hygrometer and humidifier, we are confident that all cigars will stay at peak condition inside this box.

Also included with this humidor is a cigar cutter and cedar divider. Most seasoned cigar smokers will have their go to cigar cutter already on hand, but it’s always nice to have these included for back up. The cedar divider allows for good organization, which is important when storing potent cigars. You don’t want the smells from one cigar ruining another.

Ignis Cigars Humidor

Final Thoughts On The Ignis Cigars Humidor

Another feature that sets the Ignis Cigars Humidor apart is its portability. With its relatively small size makes it an ideal humidor for anyone looking for a more portable option. Often desktop humidors are moved around, and this weighing in at only 4.7 pounds makes doing so very easy.

Ignis Cigars Humidor 2The humidor certainly provides quality storage for your quality cigars. However, with room for only 30 cigars, this humidor provides less storage than other options in the same price range.

This portable and durable humidor is made from high quality materials from top to bottom, perfect for storing high quality cigars. The beautiful exterior provides an appealing item to set on your desk, and the interior provides an incomparable storage space for your cigars.

Each aspect of the product has been carefully crafted to create a luxury storage space for your favorite cigars.  Take one look at the beautiful craftsmanship and quality materials and you’ll instantly see how appealing this humidor is. Store your cigars inside the Ignis Cigars Humidor and they will maintain the highest quality for weeks, even months to come.