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Mantello 100 Cigar Humidor – Full Review

The Mantello 100 Cigar Humidor built to sit on a desktop is one of the more well built and designed humidors you will find on the market. The glasstop is perfect for showcasing your collection to anyone that passes by.

The Maroon wooden exterior brings a clean, classy look. The humidor is designed with appearance in mind and will certainly stand out on your desktop. Mantello is known for building quality humidors. This one helps keep their reputation in-tact.

An In-Depth Look At The Design

Mantello 100 Cigar Humidor

As stated above – this model features a fine wooden exterior with sturdy, solid brass hinges. With the exterior
being made from high wood, not only does it look great, but also does a great job keeping the air and humidity regulated. The Maroon stain on the exterior, combined with the brass color creates a nice vibrant, classy look.

A hygrometer is included on the outside. Giving you the ability to check the humidity levels at a glance throughout the day. An important feature when you first get the box, to ensure that everything is running smoothly.

Some people have reported having a hard time getting the hygrometer to give an accurate humidity reading. This can be a problem for some hygrometers. The best way to deal with this is either try fixing it yourself, or sending it for a replacement. Guys with digital hygrometers won’t have an issue with this.

The interior is also laid out nicely as well. The Mantello 100 Cigar Humidor features a cedar shelf and divider. This allows you, the cigar collector to utilize the interior space to the fullest extent. An awesome feature if you have a few select cigars that you would like to display on the top of your collection. Or if you’re somebody who likes to keep everything organized, you will be able to do so with ease with this humidor.

The humidifier from our testing runs well, and keeps the air well regulated.

Mantello 100 Cigar Humidor Security Measures

Being manufactured with a lock and key in place, if security, or keeping people out is a concern for you, then this humidor will be a great fir for you. Not only does the lock on the outside give the box a more well rounded look, it also gives you that secure feeling of knowing nobody will be getting in.

With nobody getting inside of the unit without your physical permission, you can be positive at all times that the humidity stays well regulated. If nobody can get in, then no air is getting out. The Mantello 100 Cigar Humidor only weighs 7.9 pounds. Really easy to move, and won’t be a hazard on fragile shelves. Set and forget type of deal.

Mantello 100 Cigar Humidor 1

Pricing & Final Thoughts

Mantello 100 Cigar Humidor 2

If you have a nice collection of cigars and are looking for a beautiful humidor to display them in, this is the model for you. The stained wood, brass hardware, and glass lid all come together to create an elegant look. Perfect for an impressive cigar collection.

Additionally, the tight seal and locking lid ensure that humidity levels will be well regulated. Your cigars will be held in proper conditions.

Simply put, the Mantello 100 Cigar Humidor is a well rounded humidor that you can be confident in trusting your cigars with.