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Mantello Royale Glasstop, 25-50 Cigar Count Review

Mantello Royale GlasstopFor every cigar collector, there is a quality humidor at there home, the Mantello Royale Glasstop may be it. Each brand offers a unique aroma, flavour and all round experience. Therefore, curating a collection of multiple brands has become the norm for the cigar connoisseur. This raises not only the issue of storage, but also the issue of proper preservation.

One answer, and perhaps the most sophisticated one at that, is the use of humidors. Humidors help to keep your cigars at the correct temperature and humidity. Cigars are incredibly sensitive to their surroundings, and spoil way too easy for the protection of the stick to be taken lightly.

Where rudimentary do-it-yourself storage options do exist, none match up to the standards of a true quality humidor. One such quality humidor, the Mantello Royale Glasstop 25–50 Cigar Humidor, is under review today.

The Benefits of the Mantello Royale

The advantages of using a humidor for the storage of your cigars seem clear. However, different humidors offer a range of different features, so perhaps it is time to focus in on the specific advantages of the Mantello Royale.

We’ll start with perhaps the most important feature of this unit. The whole purpose of the humidor is to keep your cigars in an environmentally controlled state. The humidor achieves this with aplomb, by using a secure lid seal to maintain humidity. Without this seal, humidity would fluctuate and your cigars would soon spoil. Therefore, you can rest easy knowing that your cigars are safely stored inside.

Mantello Royale Glasstop 1

Interior Lining – Spanish Cedar

Where the seal, combined with a Spanish Cedar interior lining – to gently complement the cigars natural aromas – ensure a quality interior. It’s worth mentioning the exterior of this humidor. The Mantello Royale is a table top humidor. Where some are stand alone units, resembling the size of small wine cooler, this unit looks the part when it’s sat on your desk.

Storage Space & DimensionsMantello Royale Glasstop 3

Capable of storing up to 50 cigars, the space does not leave you wanting, but at the same time is compact enough to sit on your desk unobtrusively.

It’s exquisitely smooth finish and tempered glass top makes for a sophisticated appearance. One that will blend seamlessly with other furnishings. With exterior dimensions of 10.5″ x 9″ x 4″, it is a smaller size box that will fit any where. It weighs 3.8 pounds, making it a breeze to move it.

No Hygrometer May Be A Problem

The only real con with the Mantello Royale Glasstop, is that is humidity regulation is passive. Some humidors come fit with an interior hygrometer to more accurately regulate and measure humidity.

This humidor relies solely on the capability of it’s seal. Therefore if the humidity is wrongly set on the inside, the seal will only serve to regulate this incorrect humidity level.

Cheap To Buy, Easy To Run – A Definite Buy

Mantello Royale Glasstop 4

Purchasing this unit is a no brainer. Not only is it the perfect desktop companion to a larger, more sophisticated humidor, it also has enough to offer you as your sole cigar storage solution.

This is a great starter humidor for anyone who is looking to dip their toes into the world of cigar smoking. Of course, for well seasoned smokers this can be a nice addition to your humidor collection. Having one of these allows you to place it somewhere a large humidor can’t go. Easy access to some of your favorite cigars.