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Milano Countertop Display by Prestige Import Group

The Milano Countertop Display Humidor by the Prestige Import Group is a small product with some very big features. The Prestige Import Group is the leading supplier and distributor of wholesale bar top and counter top cigar displays. They offer quality cigar humidors and smoking accessories at the best possible price and they don’t fail in quality with this roomy countertop display unit.

The Prestige Import Group Milano Countertop Display Humidor features a beautiful dark mahogany finish and is the perfect size for retail countertop use or for the cigar connoisseur wanting to display their collection. It offers an incredibly stylish addition to your kitchen counter top, bar top or office desk. It also features a lock and key closer on the door to add a layer of protection to the most precious cigars in your collection. The front opening door measures 11 ½ inches high and 9 inches wide, providing plenty of room for etching or to place an engraved plaque, making it the perfect option for a retirement gift or award.

This spacious unit measuring 13 inches wide by 19 ¼ inches high and 11 ¼ inches deep has an interior capacity of 1.75 cubic feet and can hold up to 125 cigars. It is the perfect size to feature only the very best of your cigar collection. The four glass sides provide 360 degree viewing and the three removable angled shelves are slotted for ventilation and include dividers to provide the perfect display and organization for your prestige collection.

The interior of the Prestige Import Group Milano Countertop Display Humidor is made of Spanish cedar, which helps to balance RH in order to protect your cigar collection from humidity damage, protects against damaging pests such as the tobacco beetle, and imparts a wonderful complimentary aroma to your cigars.

This model includes two humidifier blocks with magnets to secure them in order to maintain the optimal storage conditions for your most precious cigars. Simply charge them by submerging them in water for a few minutes before use and it will provide you with the perfect level of humidity for your collection. It also boasts a hygrometer with a diameter of 1.75 inches to easily monitor the moisture within the unit. The hygrometer is held in place by a gasket, and can easily be removed for calibration and does come with a small key in order to make adjustments.

The list price of this humidor is $169.99 and it is currently on sale on Amazon for $149.20, a 12% savings of $20.79 as of December 23, 2015.

Some customers have stated that the door hinges prevent a secure seal on the this particular model, but this problem can be easily remedied with some adhesive felt, or thin weather stripping purchased from a local hardware store.

Reasonably priced and a beautiful display piece that looks great anywhere, this is the perfect addition to any home or office. With the large adjustable hygrometer, Spanish cedar shelves, and incredibly reasonable pricing it is the ideal storage solution for your prestigious cigar collection.