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NewAir CC-100, 250 Count Review

The NewAir CC-100 250 Count Humidor is the perfect storage solution for cost-conscious cigar collectors with a modest collection. Since 2002, NewAir, a family owned business, has evolved from a small manufacturing company into one of the United States premier humidor manufacturing companies.

Their success can be credited to providing customers with both what they want as well as what they need. In a wide variety of styles and choices to fit any budget.

In-Depth Look At The Design

NewAir CC-100 250 Count 2

Unlike traditional cigar humidors, the NewAir CC-100 is an air-tight, thermoelectric, cooling cabinet. One that allows you to easily control the storage temperature.

With a built-in hygrometer that is incredibly accurate, it allows you to monitor humidity levels. It also features a thermoelectric cooling system. You can rest assured knowing you will have the optimal storage conditions for your collection.

The Spanish Cedar construction of the NewAir CC-100 cigar cooler helps to balance RH. Which protects your collection from humidity and heat damage. Also deterring the destructive tobacco beetle, while imparting a complimentary aroma to your cigar collection.

The internal temperature is easily adjustable in 1 degree increments between 54 degrees Fahrenheit and 74 degrees Fahrenheit. Allowing you to lower the temperature to help prevent mold and repel damaging insects including the tobacco worm. As well as also add to the ageing process of the cigars.

Adding your own humidifier will allow you perfect RH control. Though due to the superior quality and seal of the unit it will rarely be needed. You may also opt to use the included moisture container, filling it with polymer beads instead.

Dimensions, Styling & Other Perks

NewAir CC-100 250 CountWith its slide out adjustable drawer and two full sized adjustable shelves, the NewAir CC-100 boasts a 3 cubic foot interior and has room for more than 250 cigars. Slightly less if you prefer larger cigars.

The unit measures 14 inches wide by 19.5 inches deep by 19 inches high and weighing a little over 25 lbs. The attractive black unit features a glass front door, as well as stainless steel trim. It is also compact enough to fit on any countertop or shelving unit.

Its sleek cabinet and naturally finished drawers with a blue LED lighted interior make it the perfect accent to any home or office. It’s quiet and vibration-free, and the digital control panel allows you to set and monitor the temperature inside.

Some customers did make note of a very slight temperature difference between the set temperature and the actual internal temperature. This can be slightly problematic, but won’t destroy your stock. It is best to take note of this and prepare accordingly.

Easy to set up and easy to use, with included instructions, the NewAir CC-100 is the perfect addition to any home or office. It allows you to display your collection in an attractive unit while creating the optimal storage conditions. Its modest size fits almost anywhere, but still boasts enough internal storage for your collection.