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Quality Importers – Capri Glasstop Humidor

Quality Importers – Capri Glasstop Humidor is a great option for securely storing your cigars. Quality Importers being on the top name brands for humidors solidifies this claim. Today we give you the in-depth look at this unit, and why you should probably buy it.

With this humidor being a best seller in its department on Amazon, it also has the buyer backing that is very important in today’s world.

First Look At The Capri Glasstop Humidor

With this humidor using a simple design and quality materials in its construction, you can be sure that this humidor Capri Glasstop Humidor 1is one of the more appealing and reliable options on the market. In addition to the impressive appearance, the humidor has several features to ensure your cigars will maintain their original quality.

Starting off, this humidor is has a solid wood exterior, with a Mahogany finish and a clear glass-top lid which combined creates a sharp and beautiful exterior. The classic humidor look is definitely there, and this piece will fit in almost any living room setting. Allowing you to create your furnishing around this piece.

Additionally, the front of the humidor features a mounted glass hygrometer with brass ring. Brass can sometimes stick out like a sore thumb, but with the Capri Glasstop Humidor, there is no worry. The gold-plated hardware on the lid and front clasp help to keep the colors of this humidor looking flush and in place. Again, really playing into that overall classy look that goes hand in hand with smoking cigars.

The bottom is lined with scratch resistant felt. Allowing you to not have to worry about placing it on fragile surfaces and damaging them. This will also help keep the box in place as the felt adds traction.

Interior Design & Materials

The interior consists of two compartments for separate storage. A good way of keeping your cigars organized. But most importantly, keeping your potent cigars separated. There isn’t too many scenarios that are worse than when you pull out a cigar after aging it for so long, only to realize it’s flavor has been ruined by other cigars you’ve been aging as well.

The interior walls are lined with kiln-dried Spanish Cedar. Providing that excellent aroma that every cigar enthusiast knows and loves. Spanish Cedar is also great for moisture regulation.

Capri Glasstop Humidor

In-Depth Specifications On This Humidor

This Capri Glasstop Humidor features Quality Importer’s “SureSeal Technology.” Known to be very reliable in holding its own and ensuring your cigars don’t go to waste. With the humidor being able to hold almost 50 cigars, you will have plenty of room to spare. Unless you are a well-seasoned collector, then this will just have to be the humidor that sits in the living room.

Coming in with dimensions of:

  • 10 5/16″ (width)
  • 8 3/4″ (depth)
  • 4 5/16″ (height)

Small enough for you tuck neatly away on almost any table or desk.

Price & Final Thoughts

Capri Glasstop Humidor 2

Although this humidor does include a hygrometer, getting it properly calibrated is not always an easy task. If you are not familiar with maintaining a humidor, this product might not be the best option for you.

If not properly calibrated, the humidity levels can be difficult to maintain and could have an effect on your cigars. Those who have experience in getting a humidor set up and maintained should not have problems.

The Mahogany finish and front mounted hygrometer provide a beautiful exterior. The glass lid allows you to show off your cigar collection. The exterior is stunning, but the interior features will ensure that your cigars maintain the quality you prefer.

Being a top rated product, the Capri Glasstop Humidor is a great investment on keeping your cigars safe and moisturized.