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Prestige Import Group – The Redford Cabinet

The Redford Cabinet by Prestige Import Group is a perfect solution for the biggest cigar collectors. Just as addictive as cigar smoking, is cigar collecting. It goes without saying that there is a unique pleasure in smoking cigars, a pleasure that can only come close to being matched by cigar collection.

Surely like the guys at Cigarri, as a cigar connoisseur, you take pride in enjoying your cigars with the flavors and aromas that are let out. Achieving this feat can prove difficult though, particularly when it comes to storing large numbers of cigars.

The right humidor will help keep your cigars at the right environmental conditions. Cigars are incredibly sensitive to their surrounding and do not need a second invitation to spoil.

Taking An In-Depth Look At This Piece of Art

Prestige Import Group - The Redford Cabinet

We’ve already discussed the pros of owning a humidor, in terms of their general purpose. But what makes The
Redford Cabinet stand out from a very congested market?

Let’s begin with the push button control panel. This control panel is the main feature of the machine, besides the storage of 1250 cigars, of course.

Climate control is primary function of a humidor, so needless to say that if your humidor is poor at this, it’s hardly worth having. Thankfully, The Redford Cabinet’s climate control is second to none. Using the control panel, you can punch in your desired temperature and humidity ranges. Allowing you to watch as the humidor flawless regulates your desired conditions.

Conditions are easily adjustable. Simply through operation of this very intuitive control panel. LED indicators lights will also let you know which phase of heating, cooling and and humidification the humidor is currently performing.

Proper regulation of conditions is highly desired, but it’s useless if the humidor does not form a satisfactory seal. The Redford Cabinet comes equipped with a full length tempered-glass door. Which forms a faultless seal, which combined with the ease of regulation puts your mind at rest over the safety of the cigars placed inside.

Technical Specs

Prestige Import Group - The Redford Cabinet 1

A half gallon water reservoir which is both removable and refillable comes include with this humidor. Make sure when your unit arrives, one of the first things you do is fill it up.

This beast requires a minimum 110v – 120v outlet. Make sure you have a properly wired home to ensure you do not blow out any breakers.

With exterior dimensions of:

  • 26″ (Width)
  • 26″ (Depth)
  • 52 3/4″ (Height)

Large enough to hold a large amount of cigars, just make sure you have enough space. Coming in at 240 pounds, you should be able to move it yourself.

Finally, comes the appearance of the unit. It gives the aura of fine furniture, and would look at home with the majority of interior decor. Many humidors resemble a wine cooler, which is not the case with The Redford Cabinet. It’s classy, it’s chic but above all else, it’s functional.

Final Thoughts

If you have a large number of cigars to store, look no further than this humidor. With its accurate and easy to operate climate control system, quality is assured.

It doesn’t come cheap, it is currently on sale at $1899.99. Which at the end of the day, is a small price to pay for the maintenance of up to 1250 of your finely chosen and curated cigars.