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Whynter CHC–251S Cabinet | Full Review

Whynter CHC–251SFor the cigar enthusiast, owning a humidor like the Whynter CHC–251S is essential. Humidors help to keep your prized cigars at an optimum temperature and humidity. Which keeps them from spoiling.

In many ways, a quality cigar is a lot like a fine wine. As they’re natural, organic and finely balanced, they’re sensitive to their surroundings. So, if they aren’t maintain in the correct environment, your precious cigars will spoil very quickly. But why choose a humidor? Surely there are alternatives. Well, while there are a few rudimentary do-it-yourself storage options, none match up to a quality humidor.

Humidors are purpose built for one function, to keep your cigars in similar environmental conditions to which their tobacco was grown and fermented. Also in which the cigar was rolled, ensuring you’re experiencing the cigar as it was meant to be experienced. One such quality humidor, is the Whynter CHC–251S, Stainless Steel, Cigar Humidor.

What Makes This Humidor So Good?

There are many pros to owning a quality humidor, some of which we’ve already mentioned. But what specifically, are the pros of the Whynter CHC–251S Stainless Steel?

Air Humidity Tools


To begin with, the CHC–251S comes equipped with a specific humidity tray and hygrometer (a dedicated tool for measuring air humidity) to ensure accurate humidity maintenance. Humidity changes are the prime suspect when it comes to spoiling cigars, but with this unit, you can rest easy.

Secondly, comes the adjustable thermostat. You can set this humidor to maintain a constant temperature between 54F–66F, allowing a range of cigars to be stored. Humidors without adjustable thermostats restrict the type and brand of cigars that can be stored effectively. Not a problem with this humidor. The thermostat is the definition of set and forget.

Interior & Exterior Design

Finally, and perhaps most importantly, the Whynter CHC–251S is furnished almost entirely with Spanish Cedar.

You may think that the inner materials aren’t important, provided it can store cigars at the correct temperatures and humidities. Well, you would be mistaken here. By using Spanish cedar wood, the humidor emits a complementary aroma which enhances the cigar experience. The aroma of the wood blends effortlessly with those naturally encased in your cigars, infinitely improving the smoking and storage experience.

There are two versions of the humidor. One has an interior space of 1.2 cubic feet, and the larger version has 2.5 cubic feet. More than double the size.

The exterior is made of entirely steel. While some units made completely of steel look like something you’d want to hide away in your closet, this humidor is looks like something you want to place besides your bar fridge. It matches nearly any theme and is a great visual addition to any socializing room.

Whynter CHC–251S

Some Faults With The Unit

The Whynter CHC–251S has some users reporting a few faults. A minority of users have reported issues with the internal hygrometer. This is not a major issue, as you can use an external precision hygrometer – which is the norm for humidors without the inbuilt option.

In addition to this, an even smaller proportion of users have reported small leaks in the humidor. Where this fault is likely individual unit specific, it does represent a risk of moisture collecting on your cigars, and consequent spoiling of the flavors. Be sure when you receive your unit to ensure that everything is working properly. As with any product on Amazon, there is a good warranty system in place.

Pricing & Final Thoughts

Humidity Control

In conclusion, the Whynter CHC–251S is a great choice for new cigar collectors, but offers enough advanced features to intrigue even the most season cigar connoisseur.

This humidor for anyone who is serious about cigar smoking with a serious collection. This can be stored anywhere off to the side and will do its job day after day. This might be too large for beginners, but it’s definitely the perfect size for well seasoned smokers.

It is normally on sale at Amazon. This is good for all us looking to save some cash. Remember to thoroughly read the instruction manual.

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